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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two Thousand Nine

After a while, I started pushing my fingers to press the keyboard so it would type Then within seconds, my blog appears before me and I saw i think one of my student left me a message on the text box. Hehhehe...It was quite amusing and cute i guess "STUDENT JJ" hehehe.

I kinda miss writing in this blog because it has so many memories. It reminds me of everything, how i got into blogging, how i met my wife, what was it like when i first started my job in unitar as a lecturer, how it all started with the Kadus Entertainment...I was quite active last time. I still remember i was told that, one of my wife's friend told her that, the whole office was reading my blog and wondering if i ever end up being a couple with my wife back then. It is like a drama that you see on TV except that it stopped half was and it continues on when I finally got married with my wife and have moved out from Unitar to join Suria Capital Holdings Berhad. It was quite a journey for me I would say and I love every bit of it.

One thing yang bikin sa stop and think sekarang is that, how much I miss teaching actually. Last sunday I was in OUM teaching 2 classes and it was one of my favorite subject. E-Commerce. I still can remember in Unitar, how my students used hate this subject so much because I have to admit memang bikin mengantuk. If only the lab is big enough and the internet connection laju, i have so much to talk about and show to my students. At times I was so nervous bila masuk class cuz to be honest, i need all the facilities to make my teaching effective and all i have is my trusty laptop and lecture slides yang bikin mengantuk. Time sa study dulu, it was never like this. All the time, i would be in computer lab especially anything that deals with technology and internet. Tapi i just hope my students happy with me and the way i am. Siou kalau ada terkasar or maybe i did not do things right but all i intend to do is to make sure that they do not repeat the subject and be independent not only in their studies but also in sourcing out for information on their own. That will make them great and that will ensure that they will do just fine in the future. well, that is about my work last time. My job right now have much bigger responsibilities than what it was then. It was quite a challenge and made me think a lot and apply what I have learned in MBA. It was not as fun as how it was in unitar where you have students come visiting you and talk to you, have more free time and tinguk perangai student satu satu. Oh yeah, ada pernah satu student dulu masuk kelas sa and she happens to be my neighbour time kami kicil kicil d sandakan, and I was suprise to see her in my class. hehehhe...

The latest update of my life right now is......."Yes...I am married" to the girl whom I wrote about in this blog...It was quite a beautiful and challenging journey for the both of us. Banyak ups and downs...but things went well and there is a 9 months time i'm gonna be a dad....wooohoooo...hhahaha...I am so happy.

Now for those of you are are still reading my blog thank you so much and i know i did not update my blog quite often..but i will surely try to avoid that this year....Do drop a message in the shout out box...till then.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


What is glaucoma?

This is the type of eye disease which silently steals away the sight of a person without any symptoms or even warnings. It is true as I did not feel anything at all when I lose the sight of my right eye. Until to the day when the doctor ask me to close my left eye, then i realized that I can't see anything at all anymore. However, although it was said that there are no warnings or symptoms at all but I experienced these few things.

1. Unbearable headache ( sometimes you right side of the head is aching and at times the left side of the head is aching.

2. Tears will come out excessively from your eyes and eye ball hardened

So if one experience this, it is better to do check up. I mean it's no harm to do so right? Early detection is better.

I also have few information here. There are many types of glaucoma.

1. Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
2. Secondary Glaucoma
3. Angle Closure Glaucoma
4. Normal Tension Glaucoma (NTG)
5. Pediatric Glaucoma

The one that I have is this :-

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

This is the most common form of glaucoma, affecting about three million Americans. It happens when the eye’s drainage canals become clogged over time. The inner eye pressure (also called intraocular pressure or IOP) rises because the correct amount of fluid can’t drain out of the eye. With open angle glaucoma, the entrances to the drainage canals are clear and should be working correctly. The clogging problem occurs further inside the drainage canals, similar to a clogged pipe below the drain in a sink.

Most people have no symptoms and no early warning signs. If open angle glaucoma is not diagnosed and treated, it can cause a gradual loss of vision. This type of glaucoma develops slowly and sometimes without noticeable sight loss for many years. It usually responds well to medication, especially if caught early and treated. (Cited from

Anyway there are lots of research has been done to find the cure for this however, the best step to prevent this is to have an early detection. Both of my eyes were infected my this sort of glaucoma but thanks God that doctor manage to save the left eye. Of course by the time they got to the right eye, the percentage of saving it was only 5%. I am still continuing using drops for my eyes because once you're infected by glaucoma, this medication is for life and continuous review needs to be done to ensure that the pressure is always low and not exceeding the reading done by the scanner. If it is below 20 then the eye pressure is perfectly normal.

Here are some sites that might be useful to others who would like to know more about glaucoma

I'm back

It's been a while since I last wrote in this blog. Too many things had happened to me. I've also finished my MBA in UiTM which finally I could breathe easily and have the sense of relieved after been struggling for two years down the line. This year is my convocation year and I am so excited.

I am still struggling with work I mean in finding better opportunity for my life. I still like my current profession though. Being an educator is a noble job. You touch the lives of others and inspire others to choose better path in lives. So the essence of being an excellent educator is the commitment. Yes, the willingness to walk that extra mile in helping others. Not many can do that and I for sure still have lot to learn about commitment and dedication of a true educator. It is an art that needs to be learn with passion.

I would want to be able to help others in this way if I have the strength to do it. Anyway, I have lots to share in this blog and it will be in various issues and matters. Until then....

Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekends in tambunan

Hari Sabtu yang lalu sia pulang la p Tambunan. It was a good trip la. Sia balik pukul 12.30pm lepas p DIGI centre untuk set up sa punya DIGI broadband. Trus bila sampai d rumah sana Tampasak, sia rehat la kijap. Then pay a visit at my koupusan's house. I spent most of my time d sana..Sampai having dinner with them. It was a very beautiful moment that i can't describe. If i have a videocam with me during that time, i would record it and keep on watching it. But i know i don't need a videocam for all that. My mind and my heart tau apa yang sa sudah nampak, and experience. It will be with me for the rest of my life...Kalau pun sia hilang ingatan, i know it will still be there somewhere at the back of my mind.

On sunday, i went to St. Theressa sama grandma and auntie sia. Punya men sejuk time pagi. Tu embun tebal..time d church..time Father bagi sermon, atukeii..sia balik balik pancing ikan...hahahha...mengantuk ba. Lepas tu have breakfast sama grandma. Then sia keluar la p sana kubur Grandpa. Pi kaC bersih and pray for him. Gitu la routine sia kalau sia balik tambunan. Tidak mau miss tu semua.

Then straight to my koupusan's house. Stay there until time mo pulang. After that at 2pm sia bertolak la. Mau pulang. One thing i am glad about this whole trip, sia dapat sharing a lot of things with my koupusan's family. They are so nice and really humble. My dream is coming true. I just wish she's here with me right now. I really miss her so much........

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Normal weekends

Fikiran sa melayang sekarang ntah p mana. Jauh betul. Rindu kali ba tu. Trus sia dengar lagu Anang & Krisdayanti - Makin Aku Cinta. Sambil marking Quiz paper student sia. So sa take a rest dulu kijap. Mau tension sia tengok quiz durang. Sudah la sia bagi kelonggaran where durang bulih bawa pulang tu Quiz tapi masih ada lagi yang buat sambil lewa. Sa kesian sama durang. If only i can tell them how important this studies for them I would tell. I've been there and I wish I could have done better myself. Tapi sia rasa ini semua satu kitaran ba ni. Besa lah, kehidupan seorang student begia. As long as sia tau yang sia ada tolong durang, I think it's good enough already.

Ni minggu, it was so slow for me. Sia rindu betul sama urang yang jauh ba ni. Sabar saja la kan. Nanti da pulang juga tu. In my mind, I always imagine how she smiled and made me laugh all the time. Itu yang buat sa tidak weak berjauhan dari dia. I guess sabar tu mesti ada. Faith, Love and Trust are the most important things. Dugaan tu memang sentiasa ada tapi ntah la, thankful juga sama God yang hati sa slalu ingat da. This is what I am proud about myself. Perubahan sudah banyak sa alami. I guess I've grown up already and being more mature sudah sekarang in my thinking. Congratulation Jason.

"I really hope and pray that each beat of my heart, you can feel it as you and I already knew that our heart came as one when we had our first hug and kiss...Take care there always..."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Very da busy and Very Da Sorry...

hahahha...sampai si Danny F. Malinggi pun p komplen sama sa tru sms... "Bila ko mau update ko punya blog ni...bangas sudah.."...kekkeke..sibuk bei. Banyak kerja di upis. Sekarang lagi tu Course Leader d KL tia pandai buat kerja. Pemalas betul sampai tu slides and Quizzes mau kena buat sendre. Bukan sa tia pandai buat, tapi yang bikin panas nanti kena query tiada standardization dengan yang d KL. Bikin "HOT" betul.

Ok cerita sa sekarang setelah sekian lama mendiamkan diri ialah..jeng jeng jeng...teda crita...wakakka..nda ba kaye. Well, banyak juga yang terjadi termasuk tu Gathering KE, FAFC and Guritom. Sia kana paksa ikut tu karaoke..kureyen podi..tia manang pasal time tu pun sia miring miring suda kana tuba Sake oleh si Dengkos..siit tul. sengaja da buat gitu supaya Guritom buli mana...heheh..nda ba. Apart from that, pembikinan album sa tergendala sebentar kerana sibuk gia. Kemarin (Sunday) baru habis semester tiga sa punya MBA course. Next year will be my final semester. Excited neh sia ei...pasal nda lama lagi mau abis trus buli rehat. Penat bah mau juggling antara belajar and study..

Apa lagi ah?Maybe this week pun sia akan sibuk juga sampai la next week. Harap harap la sa dapat rehat. Dalam masa 2 bulan tiga kali sudah sa p jumpa doctor pasal sa terlampau batuk batuk..(siitt tul punya jerebu)and duduk d upis pun pakai aircond ja...sajuk betul..apa nda asthma sa keluar, batuk and segala gala nya la...

Nanti la if i got free time lagi sia akan meng update kan lagi sia punya blog k?sekarang sia mau review lu lecture slide sa untuk class bisuk...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back stabbing

It hurts so much bila dapat tau keluarga sendiri main tikam belakang. Today, sa dengar something yang really dissapoint me. After all this while, sa tidak pernah cakap buruk about this family member of mine and slalu defend da. Tapi hari ni sa kena tikam blakang. How can such lips can influence others? If only people know the truth. One thing yang sa slalu ingat apa my late grandfather sa pernah cakap, bukan semua urang aktif church bagus. I heard another statement from my friend bila sa sharing sama da when sa kestau what happen..."wah, aktif church aktif juga mulut da ah" hai...dunia. Biar la kaye..kuroyon podi....yang sa tia puas hati pasal kena cakap gitu by my own family member....:( saddest day of my life....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

13 hari tanpa berita

hmmm, bila sa kira kira kan semua,,,secara keseluruhan hampir 2 minggu sa teda meng'update'kan diri sa. Siou la kio...sibuk no kopio...sekarang baru ada ilham mau update sa pinya the way ini gambar baru kena ambil. Sa mokiroyou kijap...hehhehehe...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ok what happen this ada p tu concert si Usal. Memang siuk la p concert da and tidak d sangka kan yang memang ramai gia juga p tinguk. Syukur....pasal artis baru kita kena sokong..Ramai juga artist artist lain yang datang p tinguk si Usal.

Ni gambar kami time concert si Usal...Sa di kelilingi oleh artist artist yang memang suda ada nama la....segan neh sia rasa....kekekekke..Dari kiri ke kanan, Danny F. Malinggi (memang best suara da ni), Jason (sepa ni..alalla..tersasat masuk pic kali tu), Dennis Gais(ni lagi buli tahan), Usal (artist baru kita)

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Malam tu memang enjoy la semua kerana terhibur dengan persembahan Usal. Dennis Gais pun tida terlepas untuk bergelek...kekkekek...Danny F. Malinggi da berpadu suara sama Usal on the song "You raise me up" - JOSH GROBAN...memang kaw kaw la durang dua ni.

Then malam merdeka, sa pi gathering steamboat dengan group guritom. Sa pun member sana ba...kekekke...siuk neh durang ni...time kami d Kg. Nelayan, kami yang kaC habis udang and ketam. Hhhahahha...sama kami la group paling bising...other table sudah mau dua tiga kali tukar customer tapi kami juara bertahan and makan sampai mau dakat jam 10pm kalau sa tia gambar siurang....

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ini saja la activity sa last week...yang lain kerja, buat assignment..macam biasa la week mau start mengajar sudah...memang tambah sibuk la..tapi nda cuba juga mau meng'update'kan diri sa kalau tidak terlampau sibuk